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Gold Coast Whale Watching & Canal Cruise

Posted in Local Attractions @ Aug 21st 2018 2:51pm - By Markham Court Apartments

See the majestic humpback whale in its natural habitat – the expansive Pacific Ocean – on this exciting whale-watching cruise.


Watch in awe as these incredible creatures leap out of the water, playfully slap their enormous tails behind them, and create massive waves that will rock your boat and your mind!

Start out cruising through the rivers and canals of Surfers Paradise and pass some of the magnificent waterside houses of its rich and famous residents. Your marine naturalist guide gives you some fascinating information about the whales you are seeking as you make your way out to what is known as the "humpback whale highway."

From May to October each year, humpback whales migrate to these waters to mate and give birth. Take this incredible opportunity to see the whales playing and leaping out of the water. Keep a lookout for Bottlenose dolphins, turtles, and even killer whales, too. Onboard, enjoy some tea and coffee with biscuits while you take in the incredible views.

With smaller groups aboard the boat, you are guaranteed a rail-side position, providing the very best photo opportunities. This particular area is so popular among the whales that there is nearly a 100 per cent chance of seeing them. If you don't, you can join another cruise the following day.



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